Job Market is Stable Despite Drop in Placements

REC survey showed need for workers with specialized skills.

REC survey showed need for workers with specialized skills.

Permanent and temporary job placements fell last month.  Permanent placements fell to 60.7 in June from the May figure of 61.3.  Temporary job placement fell to 57 in June, a seven month low, from 59.2 in May.

The members came from a survey by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and KPMG.  Though there was a drop in the index numbers, REC Chief Executive, Kevin Green assured that the findings were positive as anything above 50 is considered as growth.

The survey showed there is a problem of high youth unemployment with one in five young adults under the age of 24 is unemployed.  This number is expected to increase as more new to job market graduates join those already job seeking.

Where there was a need for applicants with specialized skills it was the job market section of engineering, construction, and information technology.

The expected cuts to the public sector will add may more to the unemployed category.  The number of job losses estimated could be close to 600,000.  Some of these jobs will be expected to transfer over into new job creation with the private sector.

Bernard Brown, of KPMG, said: “The big challenge will be to transfer as many of these jobs as possible to the private sector through outsourcing and divestment.”

Recruiters suggest the unemployed seek job placement assistance and consider further education of retraining to increase the possibility of employment.

REC’s Chief Executive, Keith Green, said overall of the survey’s figures: “This is an encouraging sign that the jobs market is stable and in some sectors such as construction and engineering, rapidly growing.”

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