Japan Hit By Tsunami Following 8.8 Earthquake

Massive Earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan

Massive Earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan

A ten-metre tsunami has hit Japan following a  massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake sweaping away everyting in it’s path.

A Tsunami warning has been triggered across the Pacific Ocean after the 8.8 magnitude earthquake hiting the Northeast coast of Japan.

The aftermath of the massive quake triggered severe aftershocks and a ten-metre tsunami which caused buildings and skyscrapers to shake violently across the city of Tokyo.

At least 60 deaths with many more injured and missing has been reported by the Japanese media.

The Tsunami is destroying everything in its path including therunways at Sendai Airport where dozens of people took the roof to avoid being injured.

There are a number of people reported buried following the collapse of a hotel located in Tokyo City.

Shocking images on Television show  a vast wall of water carrying cars and buildings across the coastal farmland. Nuclear power plants have been shut down and all trains to the North of the country have been shut down.

The UN has confirmed that it is standing by with 30 International search and rescue teams ready to be deployed to Japan if needed.

The whole of the pacific basin has been put on Tsunami alert exluding mainland Cananda and the US, which includes Mexico, South America and Hawaii.

According to the The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the Tsunami is currently higher then some of the potential pacific islands it may hit.

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