Jamie Oliver creates the fish effect, as sales rise across the country

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is believed to be the reason fish sales are on the increase, particularly the unusual fish. Jamie joined the anti cod brigade, by joining the Big Fish Fight.

The fight aims to give protected species like the Atlantic cod a break, and encourages the fishing and eating of other fish which are in plentiful supply.

Joining fellow celeb chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Jamie aims to promote fish like Cobbler, Pouting and Gurnard on his Channel 4 series Big Fish Fight.

Tesco reported sales were up 100% of whole sea bass following the shows, but were actually in trouble themselves for miss selling their fish.

A recent investigation found that a fifth of Tesco cod sold was labelled as Pacific cod, when it was actually from the Atlantic.

There is no cod shortage in the Pacific, but the Atlantic is alarmingly short of Cod and customers were misled. Tesco apologised for the error and have signed up to the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership.

The supermarket also reported that sales of Vietnamese River Cobbler were up 30%, and Sea Bream 40%. Marks & Spencer’s also saw fish sales up a third and Morrison’s said they had seen a difference.

Sainsbury’s have followed their award as Britain’s number one ethical fish retailer by the Marine Stewardship Council by only selling Tuna in ready meals, sandwiches, pates and salads that has been ethically line caught.

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