Jackson Verdict: Doctor Found Guilty

The King Of Pop

The King Of Pop

Dr Conrad Murray, the Texas physician, has been found guilty of manslaughter after he administered a powerful surgical anaesthetic to the singer before his untimely death in 2009. The trial lasted six weeks, and it came to end after the jury deliberated for six hours on Friday with another two hours yesterday before returning their unanimous verdict.

Four years in prison

The doctor will now be imprisoned for up to four years and will have his medical licence suspended after he was slammed in the trial for his ‘unconscionable’ professional behaviour and neglect of his high profile celebrity patient.

When the verdict was given a squeal was heard from the gallery, from the direction of the Jackson family,  and outside the court the news was welcomed with loud cheers and horn-blowing. Jackson fans had been stood all morning in support, chanting ‘Justice for Michael’ and ‘Find Conrad Murray Guilty’.

Murray was looking visually stressed, with heavy bags under his eyes, he was agitated in his seat moments before the verdict but on hearing the verdict his poker face was so strong that he displayed no visible reaction.

Judge Michael Pastor ordered for Murray to be remanded in custody without bail pending his sentencing which was set for 29 November. Before the court session ended, Murray had his hands cuffed behind his back by the sheriff’s deputies.

Post verdict, the Jackson family who were there all got into limousines and left without acknowledging the hoards of fans who were outside showing their support, except La Toya Jackson, who stopped and waved and later released a message on a popular social media site: “Thank you EVERYONE for your love and support.”

Surgical anaesthetic propofol

In the midst of the trial the jury had heard how the doctor had left his practice to work exclusively for the singer earning £93,000 per month. They also heard how he had ordered gallons of the surgical anaesthetic propofol in response to Jackson complaining about his sleeping problems while he was preparing for his world tour.

Murray administered the drug on the morning of Jackson’s death and according to the prosecution was solely responsible for delivering the final, lethal dose o the singer. However, the doctors defence lawyers are arguing that it was the singer who administered the last injection.

Ultimately, this looks as if it will be last major chapter in the singers legal saga, which went back twenty years to an out of court settlement in the early 90s.

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