Iranian Warships on Route to Mediterranean Sea

Iranian warships pass through Suez Canal

Iranian warships pass through Suez Canal

Two Iranian warships have sailed through the Suez Canal, and are making their way to the Mediterranean Sea , according to Canal Officials.

A war ship has not sailed through the Suez Canal since the Islamic revolution in 1979.

The move by Egypt’s post-Hosni Mubarak government, has now put the country’s new military regime in a delicate position with Israel.
The Canal is located in an internal body of water, which gives Egypt sovereignty over it.

However, Egypt is also bound by the Camp Davids Accords of 1978. This guarantees ships belonging to Israel and all other nations, the right to free passage on the basis of the Constantinople Convention of 1888.

Egypt’s newly empowered military government has stated that it will honor Camp David, and all its international treaties.

The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, has accussed Iran of attempting to expand regional influence by planning to send the warships.
Netanyahu described the crossing through the Suez Canal by Iranian ships as “gravely”.

The vessels are currently engaging on a year long intelligence gathering mission aimed at preparing cadets for the defense of oil tankers and cargo ships from Somali pirates.

The ships are reportedly on route to Syria and have passed through the Canal peacefully.

However, both ships are armed with missiles, and it is believed their passage through the Suez could create more uncertainty between the neighboring regions.

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