iPad Trademark: Apple Loses Battle For Control In China

Apple iPad

Apple iPad

Apple Inc. are having to grasp the reality of whether their famous and popular iPad would sell just as well if it was to be promoted and sold under a different totally alien name. Many would be thinking why would such action needed to be taken by one of the world’s most influential companies, well it appears as if Apple have been denied the rights to the trademark for the term ‘iPad’ in China.


This is a huge blow for the American company, as with the technological interest China displays it might not be long before there is a iPad floating around the Chinese markets that consumers will purchase. This will dent the iPad name as another will be able to use it but it will also mean they will have to push the product under a new title and that unfamiliarity may dent sales.

Apple were struggling with the new reality after a lawsuit was rejected by a court in southern China, this is a huge deal since the iPad name transcends language. As such to keep hold of the name they are looking at having to pay $1.6 billion, in a market which is growing fast across its mainland.

This is just the latest saga in the long battle that Apple is pursuing in China, they are trying to deal with counterfeiters, cheap tablet lookalikes to even retail stores that have been set-up and look like Apple stores.

However, the court have rejected the electronics devices giants complaint against the company Proview Technology Shenzhen, they are claiming that they had registered the iPad trademark in the year 2000 a long-time before Apple had done so.


In a firm statement the court said that Apple should be much more careful when they are attempting to gain trademarks which are held by others. The problem Apple are having is that they had already purchased the rights for the iPad trademark from Proview Taipei in 2009 for a deal worth $54,616, however, Proview Shenzhen who is another subsidiary of Proview International Holdings said that it still had the trademark rights and this has caused the dispute.

Products released by Apple are a big deal in China, causing what can only be described as a craze especially amongst the fast-growing urban middle-class. In the country the products have come to be known as ‘Pingguo’ which is the Chinese word for Apple.

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