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Rupert Murdoch has added a digital newspaper to his vast portfolio of publications.

News Corporation’s new online offering The Daily will be sold solely for reading on the Apple iPad and therefore will only be available to purchase from the official iTunes store.

The paperless paper is set to cost 99 cents, the equivalent of 60 pence, and is initially restricted to the US market.

A great unveiling is planned at New York’s prestigious Guggenheim Museum.

Around 100 journalists have been recruited to work on The Daily which is going to cover the news in a way that is specifically tailored to the features of the iPad. Articles, interactive graphics, videos and photographs all designed to work perfectly with the touchscreen.

For those who can’t access it a website accompanies The Daily allowing visitors to view a small amount of the paper for free.

News Corporation is keen to encourage people who use the internet to start paying for the sites they use. The Wall Street Journal, The Times and The Sunday Times have all employed a new paywall system which restricts its content to subscribers only.

Media rival Richard Branson beat Murdoch to the iPad punch when he released his own publication for the device in November 2010. The Virgin magazine named Project is out monthly and concentrates on life, style and popular culture for £1.79 a time.

Esquire, Glamour, GQ, the New Yorker, Vanity Fair and Wired are now all available as iPad apps for a small fee.

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