Investments: Incapital Europe Products Now Available On SPGO

Incapital Europe makes range of products available via SPGO

Incapital Europe makes range of products available via SPGO

Incapital Europe Limited, a London-based affiliate of U.S. investment bankers Incapital LLC, has made their latest range of structured products available for trading on the SPGO platform.

Ease of Investment

SPGO is a structured product investment platform geared specifically for the UK investment industry.

Ben Murison of SPGO sums up the goal of the platform, calling it “One simple location to find out about, invest and monitor their structured product investments.”

The addition of Incapital Europe products means they are one step closer to their goal of having all structured products available for investment and monitoring in one system.

“Having Incaptal on our site alongside the other product providers helps us increase our coverage of the market yet further providing UK investors with what they really want,” said Murison.

Incapital Europe is the 8th provider to put their products on the SPGO platform.

‘A Simple Decision’

For Incapital Europe, this means that their products will reach a larger audience, and their investors will benefit from the analytic tools that SPGO offers.

Their clients will also be able to use the post investment monitoring systems developed by SPGO.

James Chu of Incapital Europe says about this development: “Putting our products on the SPGO platform was a simple decision.

“With the range of tools available on SPGO we can enhance our client proposition and is an additional source to reach our audience.”

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