Internet Advertising to be Policed by UK Group

Internet advertising will soon be policed by UK group, Advertising Standards Authority.

Internet advertising will soon be policed by UK group, Advertising Standards Authority.

The UK will introduce one of the most ambitious challenges ever next year – policing online advertising.  Chris Smith, chairman of the Advertising Standards Authority, is up to the challenge, saying: “When this goes live next March this will be the most comprehensive approach to the regulation of advertising in website space anywhere in the world.”  The ASA will attempt to regulate advertising on corporate websites, social networks and mobile applications.

Regulating the web is close to impossible where the ability to be anonymous is such a simple task.  Also, with the internet encompassing the world, to some extent, the challenge is daunting.

The plan is to capture marketing through Facebook and Twitter pages and even possibly U-Tube videos, if providers of content have requested companies to aid in their marketing efforts.

Mammoth search engine Google, as well as others, have assisted in the financing of the project.  They are planning to donate space on the web to help with the enormous talk of enforcing the ASA’s efforts.

The industry funded group already has the capacity to ban offensive or misleading advertising on television, posters, print and online advertisements.  Gray areas will be handled on a case by case basis.

The director-general of the European Advertising Standards Alliance, Oliver Gray, commented on the strategy of ASA, saying: “The UK plan is more comprehensive than most.  What will come into place in the UK will be very robust.”

He also mentioned the ASA had done more research into problem areas and currently other countries were trying to duplicate being able to receive funds from the internet industry.

Complaints about online marketing has doubled recently and the ASA now has rules to combat them.

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