International CES Show 2011 Opens today



The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opens today, running until January 9th, and hosted this year by Las Vegas.

The International show aims to give participants the opportunity to show off the future of consumer technology, with a lot of the leading corporations saving some of their best products to show off here.

We can look forward to seeing some brand new products from Samsung, Acer, Microsoft and many more.

With the latest reviews suggesting that the new Windows 7 smart phone may be a bit of an anti-climax I think there may be a few less people rushing out to get the latest craze.

The most awaited products were the tablets that were being released to compete with the iPad and Galaxy Tab, but for most part it seems that again Microsoft have left the industry feeling a bit flat, producing tablets that are made for work instead of watching videos, reading e-books and surfing the Net like the much loved products that we already have on offer. This might suggest that Microsoft are after the business market instead of targeting everyday use.

Most of the products had keyboards included in some form or another, or were at least big enough to support full virtual keyboards.

But rumour has it that Motorola has stolen the first day of the show with its brand new tablet Xoom and its smart phone Droid Bionic. Although neither of the names are imaginative and certainly didn’t get me too excited, apparently they are both providing all the tick boxes required for everyday life of being pretty to look at, providing easy social networking access and sporting an Android honeycomb OS for the tablet. The Droid Bionic is still undecided as to what system is going to be used to operate the new product.

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