Insurance policy to relieve the burden of parking costs for patients



Insurance companies are said to be offering cancer patients £300 a year in order to cover the cost of parking at NHS hospitals.

With the average cancer patient making more than 50 visits per year to the hospital during their treatment, this policy could significantly help patients to cover the cost of parking. The price of parking has caused much anger amongst the public, with some branding it “a tax on the sick”.

Proposals for free parking for those with cancer have already denied by the government, although there have been many concessions agreed in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland and 9 out of 10 people believe that cancer patients should be allowed free parking.

The Health Top-Up cash plan from Western Provident Association, will provide a range of cover depending on the severity of illness and could also pay towards physiotherapy and dental treatments.

The NHS parking plan recognises one of the most severe expenses that people with serious illnesses face, and could also provide up to £50 for costs that may be incurred by relatives during treatment.

Mike Hobday, from Macmillian Cancer Support applauds the policy but says it should not be necessary “If insurance companies can recognise the distress and high cost of parking charges to patients why can’t NHS hospitals?”

“Parking charges are a huge burden for cancer patients who typically make 53 trips to hospital during treatment”

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