Hugh Grant: Phone Hacking Accusations

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant has accused a leading UK newspaper of obtaining ‘illegal’ information about the birth of his daughter from the hospital where she was born, this has begun a battle between the actor and the newspaper.  He has also accused the same paper of gaining illegal entry into his phone which has been denied.

Campaigner for press intrusion

He has argued that the newspaper hacked into his phone and ran a totally ‘untrue story’ about his love life back in 2007, the actor has become a campaigner against press intrusion and gave his testimony at the Leveson inquiry into press standards.

The newspaper did not take long to reject his comments, and it marked the end of a chaotic day in which Lord Leveson heard evidence from the parents of Milly Dowler, the schoolgirl that was murdered and had her phone hacked by the newspaper.

The actor had revealed that he had attempted to keep information about the Hong’s pregnancy a secret after another newspaper had speculated that she was carrying Grant’s baby, he wanted the mother of his child to be protected but the newspapers had ruined that for him.

He said that although newspapers were following the mother of his child they had nothing to link her to himself, this changed when he visited her in hospital after the baby was born when information must have been leaked from the hospital itself.

Grant then said that the newspaper had contacted him to ask him whether he would be interested in the story, but he refused to comment on the it just in case the newspapers felt that they were in the right to publish the story.

Fishing technique

According to the actor the newspaper had adopted a ‘fishing technique’ and they didn’t want to print the story just on the information from the hospital alone, since this would have been illegal and also unethical which is why they were pressing him for a comment.

When the actor was questioned by Robert Jay, QC,  to the Leveson inquiry, he said that the felt strongly the information could not have come from elsewhere. He revealed that the only other people that were aware were close family who would not have released this into the public domain.

However, the paper has stayed defiant over the fact that the information they received was not from the hospital and in fact from a source in the actors showbusiness circle.

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