Hollywood Shooting: John Atterberry Killed

Former Vice President of Death Row Records

Former Vice President of Death Row Records

Music executive, John Atterberry who had worked with the likes of the Spice Girls has been killed by a gunmen Tyler Brehm in a Hollywood shooting. The longtime music executive died on Monday a few days after being shot in the face and neck during a rampage attack on the streets of Hollywood.

Atterberry was a former vice president at Death Row Records and during his time had worked with the Spice Girls, Brandy and Jessica Simpson. The record label has not had the best publicity in the news, after the shooting of rapper Tupac and the incarceration of Suge Knight.


Atterberry was sitting in his car on Friday at a intersection  in Los Angeles when a gunman pulled the trigger on him three times. The music executive was taken to hospital in what could only be described as a critical condition, but he was pronounced dead on Monday with the wounds from the gun shots proving fatal.

The gunman was identified as 26-year-old Tyler Brehm, who had begun randomly shooting his gun at the intersection. He had fired his gun nine to twenty times before police had no option but to shoot him.

In an unfortunate event, Atterberry was the only person who was injured in the incident, and it was later that the injuries sustained led to the death of the man. The rampaging gunman was shot by police after the witnesses had informed police officers working on a nearby movie set.

They may have arrived just in time, since Brehm was found walking down the street with his gun helf aloft and him shouting that he wanted to die before he started to lower his firearm. Not knowing what the man had planned next police acted in the best interests of the public by choosing the tact of shooting to kill.

Snoop Dogg, Tupac and Dr. Dre

John Atterberry who was aged 40 when he died was working at event promotions company called Gridock Group. Back when he was starting out he had got his start working in the promotions department at the fashion lines Cross Colours and Karl Kani, which was hugely popular in the 90s around urban UK.

He then moved on to Death Row which was the starting point for the likes of Snoop Dogg, Tupac and Dr. Dre. Afterwards he created Mergela Records and Consulting, where he worked alongside producer Rodney Jerkins and comedian Chris Tucker. He was also the founder of music publishing company Infusion Music Group where he ended up working with more popular artists, the likes of the Spice Girls and Jessica Simpson.

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