HMRC Owed More Underpaid Taxes

HMRC discovers more underpaid tax records, but total number has yet to be established.

HMRC discovers more underpaid tax records, but total number has yet to be established.

Earlier this year it was discovered several million tax payers of the UK had underpaid. The HMRC now claims they are owed even more at this point. The number is not accurate, but of the six million people discovered earlier to have not paid enough in taxes, a few more million than that could end up getting a bill. This situation has come into light after HMRC assessed millions of tax records for the last two years.

Dame Lesley, HMRC chief executive, just yesterday revealed there were millions of tax payer records not yet assessed, to see what the true figures looked like.

Margaret Hodge, chairwoman of the committee to assess all tax payer records, commented on the work to be done, saying: “There are ten million you really don’t know anything about, so six million is an estimate.”

Sarah Walker, HMRC manager overseeing the PAYE – the original system used when the first six million incorrect records were discovered, commented on the accuracy of the figures, saying: “Until we work each of those cases, we won’t know the absolute numbers.”

Dame Lesley warned of the accuracy of the system over the next two years, and said: “It will take another year after that before it’s a stable system.”

The HMRC was pressed for answers as to why the under and over payments problem was just recently revealed. The answer from the HMRC was that it took several months to identify the individuals affected, and that if they did publicize it, phone calls would swamp the already busy offices.

Dame Lesley commented further, saying: “We would have raised everyone’s anxiety.”

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  1. October 14, 2010 at 2:08 pm Miss Valerie Melling Commented:

    I have looked at all my payslips for the last two years, which I have to say, are set up by my employer Rowlands Pharmacy. You altered my tax code last year tfrom 603L to 424T. I did ring you to ask why and you said that you would not be taxing my pension, but would raise the tax on my earnings. I take home around £528 pounds per month and tax is taken out at source, roughly £47 pounds. Last year you took tax out of my pension roughly £117 for the year! It is going to be like getting blood out of a stone!! I will be better not going out to work and doing what half the immigrants do and claim benefits! Everyone isw entitled to earn wages without paying tax for the first, in my case £4240, after that a tax is taken out at 20%.If there has been an error then it is your fault, not anyone else’s. I have to claim tax credits as I am a low income earner, please do your maths. Miss Val Melling

  2. November 3, 2010 at 10:30 am mr neil richards Commented:

    Yet again the Government in power( by the way the lib dems the so called weaker party) have taken their opportunites with both hands in forcing their policies of “sorting out” the Country which they would never have had if this Country had figured them out before voting, shame on us all for being half hearted with our voting opportunities.
    We will sort out the banks for playing us all ,but have a guess after bailing them out with honest tax payers money they have found a way of making us all pay for this move witn the underpayment of taxes Master Move
    they make me sick
    Why do we not the country that is all create a vote of no confidence and have a Referendum and get rid of the working class BASHERS.

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