Highway Crash: Fuel Tanker Bursts Into Flames

Fire turns Californian highway into inferno

Fire turns Californian highway into inferno

A car which crashed into a fuel tanker in California has resulted in a huge explosion on the motorway. With every drop of fuel becoming more and more valuable losing any amount needlessly will not help with the demand or the prices of the commodity.

The accident occurred late in the night, and it required more than 100 firefighters more than an hour to tame the flames. As the tanker burned black smoke could be seen rising from the crash site on 134 Freeway in Glendale, California.

Drunk driving to blame

According to California Highway Patrol officials the crash was the result of a driver being drunk. After the collision the man was taken into custody by Los Angeles police, where he will be questioned over his part in the accident. At the moment it is not clear whether the suspect was driving the tanker or the car, in either case it looks as if intoxication may have played a part in the accident.

The 86,000 gallon tanker did not take long before around 34,000 litres of fuel had been lit on fire. With some of it being lost on the roads edge, which had also found itself burning up towards the night sky.

Two helicopters were needed help tame the fires, with water being dropped on the powerful flames. Los Angeles City Fire were at the scene to assist the Glendale firefighters. With a massive effort to stop the flames from spreading, the one issue that was a problem for the firefighters was with their water supply.

This then meant that the Chief of the Glendale Battalion had to put out a second alarm, which resulted in two Crash rigs being called to scene from the Bob Hope Airport. These had firefighting foam, which would have been more effective in dealing with the fire.

Once the blaze had been put out, the massive tanker managed to burst into flames for a second time. This happened as a tow-truck attempted to remove the tanker from the highway. Luckily no one was hurt or during the crash, even though around 6,000 gallons of fuel had been burnt.

Fuel prices rise

Many people in Britain are feeling the pinch from the rise in costs and other offending factors, fuel prices are the latest to hit budgets hard.

Figures are showing that fuel prices had already reached a record high average of £141.4p per litre for unleaded fuel, which diesel was costing £147.38p per litre. The shortage of petrol has meant that some stations are raising prices by almost 10p per litre, but an increase of 4p to 6p is much more common.

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