Hidden bullet in brain found to be cause of epilepsy for 23 years

Wang Trian Qing

Wang Trian Qing

For over two decades, Wang Trian Qing, a farmer from Zhangjiakouin city in northern China’s Hebei province, suffered from epileptic seizures which had been getting progressively worse over the years.

To try and alleviate his pain, a visit with a doctor revealed a startling discovery: a two centimetre rusted bullet was embedded in his scull.

Typically, the survival rate for someone shot in the head is one in several thousand, but luckily, the bullet in Wang’s head missed the main veins in his brain and spared his brainstem.

Wang Zhiming, an attending surgeon in the Neurosurgical Oncology department, explained that “the bullet penetrated his skull and then stopped near his temple. If it had moved a bit further backward and to the right, he wouldn’t have survived.”

Although the offending bullet was removed, how it got in there in the first place remained a mystery until Wang recalled an incident in 1988 when he had been hit by what he thought was a slingshot whilst walking home. He had spent the night in hospital, but the medical team couldn’t find anything wrong and sent him home with anti-inflammatories.

23 years later, living with a bullet free brain, Wang’s convulsions have stopped and he can finally enjoy a pain free life and celebrate how lucky he really was to have cheated death.

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