Heathrow updates suggest a ruined Christmas for thousands

Heathrow hell for travellers

Heathrow hell for travellers

Recent Heathrow updates show no improvement to the travel problems as the poor weather conditions remain.

Thousands of families have been disappointed this Christmas as their travel plans have been halted, with further disruption expected in the next few days.

With one of the two runways remaining closed, the backlog of cancelled flights could take up until next week to be cleared.

Updates from Heathrow have brought bad news as Christmas for thousands has been cancelled following the drastic underestimation of the impact of the big freeze by airport chiefs.

It was revealed yesterday that a mere £500,000 of additional funding has been spent by Spanish-owned BAA on winter weather equipment at Heathrow, compared to the staggering £8million invested by the new owners of Gatwick, and airport which has been hit far less dramatically despite flights being suspended last night following two inches of snow falling within one hour.

Philip Hammond, Transport Secretary has warned that the result of one of the most severe winters of the century means that many hoping to complete their journey from Heathrow by December 25 will be greatly disappointed.

Planes have been frozen into their parking stands over the weekend with temperatures dropping to -5C, several hundred workers were called in to remove hundreds of tonnes of snow.

An estimated 400,000 passengers were expected to fly during the weekend before Christmas, over one of the airports’ busiest weekends. Heathrow updates have stated that they hope to be operational today, but the knock-on effect of the cancelled flights is set to result in thousands of further disappointments.

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