Head Teachers To Make Large-Scale Redundancies

Large Scale Redundancies Forecasted

Large Scale Redundancies Forecasted

Head teachers in England are planning to make large-scale redundancies, the Association of School and College Leaders has warned.

Many schools a day are calling the association’s helpline to ask for advice on redundancies, as schools feel the tight squeeze on their budgets.

It would appear that the new English Baccalaureate means many schools are scaling down on staff who teach vocational courses.

According to ASCL, the introduction of the English Bac had made the issue more pressing for head teachers.

The English Bac is where schools in England are ranked on how many pupils get a GCSE grade C or above in English, maths, two sciences, a language and either history or geography.

Richard Bird, ASCL’s legal specialist, said that the “dreaded” English Bac meant some teachers were in a precarious position.

The ASCL is offering training to head teachers faced with shedding staff.

A seminar called ‘Managing staffing reductions’ at the ASCL’s annual conference in Manchester at the weekend was attended by over 60 delegates.

Mr Bird said: “The last time we’ve had to do this sort of thing was when Kenneth Clarke was Chancellor of the Exchequer in the 1990s. Most heads have never had to face a redundancy situation.”

Mr Bird further warned that many schools had a redundancy policy that related only to teachers, not to support staff.

He claims that many heads were not prepared for the “rougher negotiations” of some of the non-teaching unions.

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