Has the internet killed the CD market?

Music sales are plummeting

Music sales are plummeting

For generations, Music has stood as one of the most universal and frequently used methods of entertainment; so why are we so reluctant to pay for it?

With the increasing popularity of programmes and websites such as Spotify and last.fm, it is perhaps no surprise that the British Recorded Music Industry have revealed that music sales in the UK have fallen for the sixth consecutive year.

The results revealed that an overall drop of 3.5% has incurred since 2009. The statistics include download purchased music from online providers such as iTunes and Amazon, along with the old faithful store-bought CDs.

Despite results, download sales have actually risen in recent years, a 30% increase was marked in 2010 alone. With the emergence of an increase in the demand for iPhones and iPod touches, it appears that customers are more likely to opt for the smooth synchronising software that iTunes offers as opposed to illegal downloading programmes such as Limewire and BitTorrent.

Mark Mulligan, a digital analyst, was unsurprised by the figures. He said “the simple fact is that CD sales are declining much more quickly that digital sales are growing.
“Worse still, downloads sales growth is slowing. There is nothing in current trends to suggest that download sales are going to accelerate quickly enough to turn around music sales anytime soon.”

He added “new alternative music products are needed. 99p downloads aren’t enough.”

Though the availability of free streamed music and downloads is appealing and convenient; do we really want to see hard copies of the music we love disappear?

Popular music and book retailer HMV have revealed plans to close 60 UK stores in the next 12 months, following a 10% decrease in Christmas sales, and combined with severe weather conditions have been warned profits could decrease more than ever.

With music competing with alternative popular technology such as gaming and TV, the question arises; are we approaching the death of music CD sales?

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