Hair cutting laws relaxed for Japan’s worst affected

Japanese hairdresser at work

Japanese hairdresser at work

For the first time ever, Japan has relaxed its laws on haircutting to allow barbers and stylists in earthquake and tsunami affected areas to work their trade at evacuation shelters or makeshift shops. The regulation change initiates this month and will be in force for about two years.

Currently, the law states that housebound customers and weddings are the only reasons barbers and beauticians can cut and style hair anywhere other than authorized shops.

Many hairdressers’ shops were damaged or destroyed in the March 11 quake and tsunami, with many of the barbers and beauticians forced to lived in temporary shelters. The new measure hopes to assist them in helping to rebuild their lives.

Apparently, the law had been changed following requests from local people who couldn’t travel to a proper barber shop or hairdressing salon in the current aftermath chaos.

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