Gun Club Christmas: Santa And His Merry Guns

Gun club has a resident Santa

Gun club has a resident Santa

Traditionally you might expect to see an old man posing as Santa Claus in a shopping mall somewhere, or in some of the big high street retailer. But in America, a local cub has gone and put their own spin on it. A gun club in Arizona is offering members the opportunity to pose for family photographs with Father Christmas and his collection of guns.

Festive weaponry

Children and their families will be able to pose with Father Christmas while holding their favourite weaponry, some of which includes an AK-47 and grenade launchers. There has been one image floating around with Santa Claus on a wingback chair, a snowflake background with a Christmas tree in the back too, surrounded by a $80,000 machine gun and tripod-mounted rifle.

In the image a man is standing behind a boy who is clutching an unloaded AR-15 with an attached grenade launcher, it would be fair to say that the child will not be forgetting this Christmas picture. In another photo Father Christmas is sat surrounded by five young women, who all wear festive headwear and are looking quite happy posing with some serious weaponry.

In a little more worrying picture Santa Claus is cradling a toddler dressed in camouflage while a man and women, who are possibly the child’s parents, stand close by with rifles and foldable stocks. The parents can atleast show the child a memorable image when he or she is older, a lasting memory in a very unique festive moment.

In England pictures with Santa Claus are normally the same, Santa is usually in a Grotto with a helper, there are some reindeer and elves and some snow made from cotton or another material that is able to mimic the snow. Father Christmas is usually quite jolly or is wearing some kind of suit that adds to his mid torso size.

Filling a demand

The general manager of the Scottsdale gun club, Ron Kennedy, said that he got the idea for the pictures last year when a member of the club came dressed as Santa Claus and other members wanted to take their pictures with him, this prompted him to meet the demand and this year he arranged for an official gun club Santa.

He has said that people have used the pictures for Facebook photos and for Christmas cards and went on to say: “Our customers have been looking for a fun and safe way to express their holiday spirit and passion for firearms.”

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