Greener Journeys to Give Away Free Bus Rides to Encourage Bus Travel by Commuters

Greener Journeys wants motorists to switch to bus rides to cut on air pollution.

Greener Journeys wants motorists to switch to bus rides to cut on air pollution.

Greener Journeys, a coalition of the nation’s biggest bus companies is trying to get the word out that people should be riding a bus and abandoning their vehicles. Three cities, Exeter, Norwich and Milton Keynes are launching the program in their cities to cut a billion car journeys by the year 2014 to reduce up to two million tons of CO2. They will be issuing free tickets for bus rides to persuade motorists to try the bus. The success of the program in these three cities will be reviewed before launching the campaign elsewhere across the nation.

Claire Haigh, the campaign director for the Greener Journeys coalition, said: “There are times when it really makes sense to use the bus, and that is the message we will be piloting in Exeter. We chose these three areas as they have really good bus services that could be used a lot more. Now let’s see if people are prepared to try it and give it a go.

“We recognize that many journeys need to be made by car, but there are some occasions when getting the bus makes sense. This could be to go into town to do shopping, heading to a restaurant or pub, or going to the cinema.

“For these trips, taking the bus means you don’t need to battle traffic, find parking and pay for it. Once people start using buses they find it is a lot more efficient and convenient than they realize.

“It is very much a promotions-led campaign and we will be carrying radio and press adverts as well as having posters on the sides of the bus.

“We will be conducting research in the three areas to measure the impact of the campaign over the first six weeks. The evaluation of this pilot research is important for us to learn what messages work, and what triggers people to shift their journeys.

“We will look at all of this before rolling out the campaign across the rest of the country.”

Not only will the campaign cut down on gas emmissions and help combat air pollution but it will give many a cheaper and more cost effective way to travel and commute to work.  Greener Journeys will begin issuing the free bus tickets today and more information about the campaign can be found at their Web site:

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  1. September 23, 2010 at 8:08 am Dave Hancox Commented:

    Although i am disabled and would find great difficulty in the walking involved,I think your imitative is a very good idea. When i was very much younger i used to walk 4 to 5 mile to get to work at 5am in the morning (i used to wish the buses ran at that time) i cant see many people doing that now. Cheap reliable bus services have to be the way forward and i stress RELIABLE. because people will soon go back to there old ways rather than wait for a bus that isn’t going to turn up on time. I wish you well but i wont be holding my breath.

  2. September 26, 2010 at 4:50 pm Denis Marsden Commented:

    Stagecoach Exeter prior to this reduced the service to my village Silverton, service 55a from a hourly service during the day to a 2 hourly service so how is this encouraging me to use the bus. The bus company obviously think more about profit than you initiative and only give it support to encourage more people to use popular city routes thus making more profit, but then the buses are overcrowded .Also it is cheaper to take the car pay the parking 2 people traveling to either Exeter or Tiverton than 2 return fares =£12 FOR A 7 MILE JOURNEY

  3. October 30, 2010 at 12:08 pm Tony Baker Commented:

    Have just received my “so called” FREE VOUCHERS but am unsure as to where I might use them in Scotland.

  4. October 31, 2010 at 7:45 pm gordon bbarclay Commented:

    will i be able to use my single ticket from saltcoats to glasgow on the stagecoach express bus

  5. November 27, 2010 at 9:15 am Tom Gaunt Commented:

    Unfortunately there was NOTHING in our local press [Milton Keynes] or any info from the local bus company [ ARRIVA ] relating to this. I only found out about it yesterday [26.11.10]

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