Grave Robber: Russian Man Steals And Dresses Bodies

Russian Grave Digger

Russian Grave Digger

A man in Nizhny Novgorod has been arrested for stealing nearly 30 bodies and dressing them like dolls. However, the Russian historian had always been open about his interest in the dead, he also stated that he found great pleasure in going through cemeteries and had an avid interest in studying grave stones to find out the stories behind them.

Horror Movie

But what the historian didn’t tell police was that he had dug up around 28 bodies and had taken them back to his apartment where he lived. Once they were in his home he dressed them up in women’s clothes, these were clothes that he also took from the rummaging through cemeteries and no doubt other people’s graves, and put them on display.

The police had also recorded a video of the apartment in which it clearly shows his macabre collection of what looked like dolls, what was recorded could have quite easily been part of a scene in a horror movie.

They were all dressed in bright dresses and headscarves, and their hands and faces were wrapped in what looked like cloth, these looked like they were mummified remains. The man was also to have found instructions for doll-making in his apartment, and the video revealed old-fashioned plastic dolls in dresses scattered around the property.

The man’s name has not been by police but his image has been, he is also 45-years-old, and a well-known specialist in history of the city. However, Russian media have revealed the man to be Anatoly Moskovin who was the go to man on cemeteries in Nizhny Novgorod.

The shocking reveal made by media was that the man was very selective in his choices of corpses, only selecting those of young women. He was very thorough in his choices, with police saying that the man had photo’s and nameplates from the grave sites.

Fascination of the dead

The police are saying that this will atleast help with identifying the remains, but this will be not help with those families who had paid their last respects to their loved ones only to find they had been stolen from their resting places.

The arrest came after a long-running investigation into the destruction of graves at many different cemeteries in the city which started in 2010. The man was detained after he was caught at a cemetery while carrying a bag of bones.

It was only last month that he wrote a piece for  a publication on necrology in which he wrote about his fascination of the dead.

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