Government Housing Benefit Pays for Family to Live in Luxury Home

Government benefit pays for family to live in luxury.

Government benefit pays for family to live in luxury.

As the Government prepares to cut benefits and tighten up on abuse, another outrageous story has hit the news.  An unemployed bus driver and his unemployed wife, refugees that were granted asylum from Somalia, have been living with their 7 children in a 2.1 million pound home in London’s posh Kensington area all on the tab of the tax payer.

Abdi and Sayruq Nur moved into the five bedroom, 2,000 pound per week rental home after complaining about their previous 900 pound per week rental home was in a poor area.  Their ability to move into the luxury home is due to a benefit housing allowance introduced in 2008 by Labour that a family can claim benefits for a private property wherever they wish.  Under this system the Nurs are actually four times better off than if they worked according to numbers worked up by The Sun involving child benefits, job seeker’s allowance and housing benefits.

What is even more outrageous is that the property which is costing 2,000 pounds a week was previously advertised for 1,050 pounds per week before the Nur family moved in.

Under new rules due to take place in April there will be a 400 pound a week cap for families requiring larger properties.  The cap came in the new Budget which released figures showing that the 21 billion pounds a year spent on housing benefits is more than what was spent on police and university combined.

Matthew Sinclair of the Tax Payers Alliance said: “With so many working families struggling with their own rents in the recession it is outrageous that tax payers are being asked to stump up so much for a property far beyond the means of most families.

“This shows yet again the urgent need for serious reform of the housing benefit system to stop these kinds of outrageous and excessive payments.”

Prime Minister David Cameron stated when asked about the Nur family’s housing benefit allowance: “The idea that a family should be able to claim 2000 pounds a week for their house I think is an outrage for people who go to work every day, pay their taxes and do the right thing for their family.”

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