Goldtrail Tours Abandons Vacationers Abroad and At Home

Goldtrail has left vacationers without their planned holidays.

Goldtrail has left vacationers without their planned holidays.

Last week Goldtrail Travel specialized in discounted travel to Greece and Turkey.  On Friday the company abruptly quit trading leaving vacationers abandoned by the Tour operator.  Over 16,000 were stranded abroad and 50,000 now have had their paid holidays cancelled with no refund in sight for months.

On news of Goldtrail’s collapse vacationers were told by their hotels to hand over cash or leave the premises.  Many are awaiting plane flights that may not happen and are without reserve funds to return home otherwise.  Over 2,000 were to fly out this weekend.

When Goldtrail was contacted by hotels inquiring about their contracts they were told they should recoup their losses direct from tourists.  At the Villa Sol in Marmaris, Turkey, Brits banded together and refused to put up any more funds on top of what they have already trustingly paid Goldtrail.  Vacationer, Norma Sharland, remarked angrily: “They told us we would have to pay another 25 pounds per room per night but why should we when we’ve already paid 1,000 pounds.  The hotel management have said we’ve got till 5 PM to pay up or our bags will be out on the street.”

Hundreds of Goldtrail customers turned up at Manchester and Glascow to learn their flights and holidays had been cancelled.  Travelers abroad have had to leave their lodging because they could not afford to give more to the hotels demanding payment.

Student nurse Rebecca Bedford, from Halifax, who had paid Goldtrail 400 pounds for a week in Turkey said: “I was close to tears when I learned the company had collapsed.  My summer is ruined.”

The Civil Aviation Authority said those affected could claim money back on their canceled holidays and new flights were being planned to aid in getting people home.  While claims can be filed the delay in a refund may take up to 6 months.

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