Germany shuts down nuclear plants amid growing concerns for safety



Angela Merkel, the German chancellor has shut down seven of Germanys nuclear power plants while the country rethink their strategy.

Merkel announced that all plants built before 1980 would be taken out of service, and safety checks would be made on the remaining plants that stay open.

Japans earthquake and subsequent radiation problems following damage to one of their nuclear plants has caused other countries to rethink the safety of the energy source.

The EU has also reached an agreement which will see “stress tests” carried out on all European nuclear facilities.

Merkel explained the German move, adding, “In light of the situation, we will carry out a safety check of all nuclear plants,” she said.

“Those nuclear power plants which began operation before 1980 will be provisionally shut down for the duration of the moratorium. They will be out of service.

“Safety is the priority. Those are the criteria by which we acted today.”

She also explained that all safety questions would be answered by 15th June.

The German and Swiss governments have now suspended decisions about the future of their plants for the time being.

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