Germans warned about Dioxin contaminated eggs

Dioxin contaminated eggs

Dioxin contaminated eggs

The German government has urged to people to be careful about eggs that might have been contaminated by animal feed.

1000 farms have been instructed not to sell their products and thousands of chickens were culled after toxic dioxin was found in poultry and animal feed.

Authorities claimed that 100,000 eggs were produced by two farms where Dioxin contamination was detected. They fear that the eggs may have been procured by consumers produced two weeks ago. The farms are located in the western state of North-Rhine Westphalia.

The warnings apply to eggs sold before December 23, authorities said. While chicken cull took place at one farm, 1000 others were barred from selling their produce in the north western state of Lower Saxony.

The feed manufacturer – Harles and Jentzsch from Schleswig-Holstein, Northern Germany said that the Dioxin possibly came from a Dutch supplier.

Public prosecutor Ralph Doepper said “We have an initial suspicion of a criminal act according to the animal feed law” and confirmed that proceedings have been initiated against the German company.

Terming it as “a scandal”, Consumer Affairs Minister Johannes Remmel of North Rhine Westphalia said “there must now also be a discussion about the political consequences”.

Officials of Lower Saxony were concerned about compensating the farmers since they stand to suffer major losses.

German Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner said the government will review existing laws to find if they needed to be more stringent.

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