German economy emerged stronger after crisis – Merkel

Angela Markel

Angela Markel

In her annual New Year’s message, German Chancellor Ms Angela Markel said Germans have emerged stronger after the EU crisis. Despite witnessing the worst financial crisis in 60 years, unemployment has been recorded at its lowest since reunification took place twenty years ago.

Reiterating Germany’s commitment to the Euro, she said the country’s future prosperity lies in region’s single currency.

Germany has been the biggest success story in the crisis ridden union helping fight the slowdown. Europe’s biggest economy recorded a growth of 0.7% between July and September beating the EU’s average growth rate of 0.4% during the same period.

European Union recorded an overall unemployment rate of 10 percent while Germany stood out with 5 percent unemployment rate.

In the televised message, Ms Markel appears to try to convince her countrymen about the resurgent economy. Important regional elections are due in 2011 in the country.

“In spite of all economic worries, it turned out to be a good year for Germany”, she said, adding “And all of us can be happy about one thing – never have more people had work in reunited Germany than today”.

Applauding the nation’s effort, she said: “We achieved what we planned to do. We even emerged from the crisis strengthened. This is above all because of your work, dear citizens”.

Underscoring the Euro’s importance and mindful of the Deutsche Mark’s legacy, she said: “The euro is much more than a currency”…. “A united Europe is the guarantor for our peace and freedom. The euro forms the foundation of our prosperity.”

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