George Clooney: Arrested For Protesting

Clooney arrested during protest outside the Sudanese embassy

Clooney arrested during protest outside the Sudanese embassy

George Clooney was arrested late last week during a protest that was held outside the Sudanese Embassy in Washington. He had been accusing Sudan’s President Omar Al Bashir of stimulating a humanitarian crisis, and obstructing any aid which is trying to enter the country.

The Hollywood actor deliberately set out to have himself arrested by the US Secret Service, after he crossed a police line and put his toe on the steps of the Sudanese Embassy three times. Clooney’s father, a small number of Democrat Congressmen, and one of Martin Luther King’s men also found themselves arrested and then detained.

Nuba tribesmen

The actor has become infuriated over the suffering the Nuba tribesmen in the Nuba mountains are having to endure. These are people that had been documented in a film called ‘The Last of the Nuba’.

After several hours he was released having paid a fine of $100. The arrests have come in the same week Clooney met with President Barack Obama to talk about the problem and testified in the Senate.

The Nuba had been hoping that they could be included in a breakaway state, the Republic of South Sudan. This was a region recognised late last year, after a war that had been furiously battled from 1983 to 2005.

The state whose capital is called Juba, had been designed to provide protection for the animist and Christian south Sudanese. These people have been threatened by the Muslim government in Khartoum.

The country’s president is an indicted war criminal after his atrocities in the city of Darfur. The region is fighting the Government because they do not want sharia law, nor are they looking to be dominated by Sudan’s ethnic Arabs.

The trouble the people of Nuba have experienced have come from the fact that they were left north of an agreed border in South Sudan. After which this group of people have struggled to get access to the mountains, and because of this there is a real danger that the Nuba tribes people could face starvation.

White House

The well known celebrity visited the region and its people in secret, witnessing firsthand the difficulties these people are having to deal with. He has gone and visited the White House for a dinner in which he raised the problems these people are having with the President.

Talking about the protest and the arrest, Clooney said: “It’s such a silly thought to think you’re actually succeeding in any of this. But if it’s loud enough, at the very least people will know about it.”

The latest movie Clooney has starred in was titled ‘The Descendants’, the movie cost $20 million. However, so far it has made $157 million over the world.

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