Geezer Bandit: Who Is This Elusive Bank Robber

Geezer Bandit

Geezer Bandit

An old aged pensioner in the United States who is known as ‘The Geezer Bandit’ and has been linked to a number of bank robberies, has attacked again, this time at a bank in San Diego. The real question everyone is asking is this notorious individual? Is the gunman a young man, and old man, or possibly is he actually a women.


The Geezer Bandit has already stolen tens of thousands of dollars by holding up banks at gunpoint across California, his appearance would make you believe that he is an a man of the older generation quite possibly in his sixties and seventies.

However, the FBI are not exploring the possible theory that the dangerous robber could in fact be a younger man or women, and not a harmless looking old man. Many witnesses have said that his wrinkled face does not look normal and that his voice hints of a man many years younger than how he appears.

As such the agency are now thinking that his appearance is actually a very sophisticated disguise. He made his first outing in 2009 when he robbed a bank in San Diego, and since then he has visited 14 banks and robbed them all. Funnily enough his last  hold up has also been in San Diego as well.

The entire robbery is recorded on camera where it shown the Geezer Bandit waiting calmly in line and then after approaching the teller he pulls out a gun and asks for a large sum of money. Weirdly this gentlemen has become a media sensation with 11,000 fans listed on his Facebook group.

Despite this the individual is dangerous and as such there is a reward for information leading to his arrest, anyone able to provide such information will be able to claim a $20,000 reward.

Revolver and oxygen tank

Darrel Foxworth, FBI special agent, who has been assigned to the case for the last two years has said: “He appears to be a harmless, elderly man. At the end of the day, he’s an armed and dangerous bank robber.”

The Geezer Bandit himself could be straight from a Hollywood movie, his weapon of choice is the revolver and has been seen carrying an oxygen tank. Despite his crime he has remained slippery to the police, as he has continuously escaped from being caught and if the past two years are anything to go by he might not be caught in the near future.

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