Future Planes: Aircraft Will Fly At 4,000mph

Planes of the future

Planes of the future

A new report has suggested that in the future passenger planes could have the potential to drop people of at their front doors and commercial planes will evolve to fly at five times the speed of sound. This would mean the end of long haul flights, and  journeys to other countries will seem more like a daily commute.

End of the century

However, it looks as if this will become a reality be the end of the century and be part of a long-term plan to set the United Kingdom as the leader in aerospace technology and innovation.

Some of the advances that are being looked at are passenger planes which could fly at 4.000mph, commercial planes flying in formation to conserve power making them friendlier to the environment. The formation being discussed is the ‘flying V’ where planes would position themselves like ducks do when they fly.

The 4,000mph planes will be called Scramjets which is short for ‘supersonic combustion ramjet’. These will have a built in ‘air-breathing’ jet engine, which will allow them to combust fuel and decelerate the incoming air which will be used for thrust and speed.

Aircraft carrier system

The one plan which may appear the most ambitious is reports of an aircraft carrier system, this will involve an aircraft carrying individual units which can be released over the intended destination and will float down safely to the exact location the passenger needs to go.

It has been estimated that during the next 20 years there will be the potential for 25,000 new sales for aircraft which will have a value of almost £2,000 billion.

“Now is the time for industry and government to focus on sectors that can help lift the country’s economy. We need to take action now to ensure this sector can continue to thrive and grow” said IME chief executive, Stephen Tetlow.

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