Four people have been jailed for a “chilling and brutal” fatal attack on Asperger’s sufferer

Shaun Rossington

Shaun Rossington

Shaun Rossington, 21, who had Asperger’s Syndrome, was beaten to death in Lincoln last June.

Shaun’s killers have finally been imprisoned after the brutal attack on the 21-year-old. Nottingham Crown Court heard Mr Rossington had been surrounded, hit with a bottle, kicked, punched, and stamped on.

After receiving more than 40 injuries the Asperger’s sufferer was left to die on grass near Searby Road.

Nicholas Shelbourne, 27, and Mark Jackson, 21, were jailed for life for murder and will serve at least 13 years. Daryll Jones and Jordan O’Rourke, both 17, also convicted of murder, are to serve 13 years and 11 years.

A final female attacker, 17, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was convicted of manslaughter, and was incarcerated for five years.

After beating the Mr Rossington, the group fled the scene but some of the group returned later and realised they had killed him.

The gang then decided to call 999 and pretend they were concerned members of the public and had just stumbled across the body of a stranger.

Mr Rossington’s family said he trusted people and wanted to be socially accepted.

However, the gang were later charged over the attack.

Sharon Rossington, Mr Rossington’s mother, said she repeatedly went to the mortuary simply to hold her son’s hand.

She added: “Sometimes I go to sleep and hope I never wake up. Our lives will never be normal.”

Passing sentence, Mrs Justice Cox described the crime as a “wholly unprovoked, chilling and brutal attack on a defenceless man”.

Mr Rossington’s brother, Chris, said: “My parents, grandparents, partner and I are still grieving and to imagine what Shaun must have gone through that night makes me feel sick.

“The hatred I personally feel for all who were involved in the murder of my brother will never go away and the fact that Shaun was viciously taken away from us still breaks out hearts.”

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