Four locals awarded for Deddington car rescue

deddington accident

deddington accident

In the late hours of April 2010, Anton Moiseyev lost control of his BMW while driving along the A260 near Deddington. The accident crushed the car, leaving him trapped with flames threatening his life.

Nicola Clewer, 26. had been driving along the same stretch of road when she noticed the fire. Acting fast, she called emergency services, stopped and convinced a fellow motorist to pull over and assist the victim. She then drove into Deddington to get more help from a local pub.

Andrew Giles-Bussure, 46, Adam Sweetingham, 25, and Robert Gibbs, 33 arrived on the crash scene with Ms Clewer and braved the fire to extract Mr Moiseyev from the car. By the time they arrived, Mr Moiseyev had resigned himself to dying, “I was in so much pain and there was nothing I could do about it. I just fell asleep and thought that was the end of my life.”

The three men risked the flames as they managed to pull the victim over his head rest and through a back door of his car successfully freeing him from certain death. Ms Cewer recalls the riskiness of the rescue: “It was a raging inferno, not the kind of thing you could have stood next to at a bonfire night with sparklers – those boys really risked their lives.”

Sgt Pete Jell from Thames Valley Police nominated all four rescuers for awards which they were just recently honoured with at the Thames Valley Headquarters. Mr Moiseyev lost both his legs below the knee in the accident but is enjoying life and is very grateful to all those who saved his life.

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