Forever 21 Introduces 2 New Stores in UK this Fall

The Forever 21 flagship store in NY sees 100,000 customers a day.

The Forever 21 flagship store in NY sees 100,000 customers a day.

The US store, Forever 21, is creating 250 Dublin jobs when its first European store opens next month. The Forever 21 brand is a fashion label sporting cost conscious clothing and accessories, sometimes being compared to Primark and New Look. The shops will have new designs and styles arriving daily. The company will be opening 2 stores – one on November 12th and one on the 13th.

As a New York Times Square staple, the Forever 21 flagship store sees roughly 100,000 people daily. The store has been described by New York Magazine as “the scariest store to have opened on the island of Manhattan since the epic Hollister descended.”

Celebrities have been keen on the brand for some time now. Stars seen wearing this collection include Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Paris Hilton and Kirsten Stewart.

Amina Aktar, a brand consultant in NYC commented on the appeal of the Forever 21 brand, saying: “I can see how the brand appeals to younger people. It’s fast, affordable, fun – what is not to love about that? If I had a teenager, I bet you a million dollars she’d live at Forever 21, and rightfully so. Part of the appeal is the loud blasting music and overwhelming displays.”

Forever 21’s executive vice president, Larry Meyer, remarked on the brand, saying: “We are sure that style-conscious shoppers are going to love our fashions and our prices.”

Founded in Los Angeles in 1984, Forever 21 now has 460 locations throughout the US, Canada, Korea, and Japan.

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