Foreign Office Warns Travelers to Consider Insurance

Foreign Office recommends travelers play it safe and buy travel insurance.

Foreign Office recommends travelers play it safe and buy travel insurance.

As the summer holiday season is in full swing, the Foreign Office is warning travelers going abroad that travel insurance is a must.  Of all UK travelers, it seems those from Wales need it more.  It’s unknown why but nearly a third of all Welsh travelers, the highest group of all, require some assistance either due to illness, injury, accidents or arrests.

On the average Welsh travelers spent a bit over 11 pounds on items in airport stores for small items for their plane travel.  Travel insurance is less than on half that cost.

Foreign Office minister, Jerry Brown said: “This report shines a light on the number of Britons who get into difficulty abroad each year.  The worrying fact is that so many of these situations are preventable.

“Helping out Britons in trouble abroad is part of our job, but we can’t get you out of jail or pay your hospital bills.  A bit of preparation before you go, such as arranging travel insurance and checking our website, will ensure you get the most out of your trip without bad memories and big bills.”

According to numbers between April 2009 and March 2010, there were 5,238 British people that needed assistance in Spain, 957 in Thailand, 736 in Cyprus, 273 in Pakistan.

There were 3,689 hospitalizations abroad.  Unfortunately there are deaths abroad as well and the report noted 5,930 of them dying of natural causes, accidental deaths and unlawful killings.

The report also released numbers of stolen or lost passports of which there were 27, 272 that the Foreign Office assisted with.

The next time you travel abroad, when you purchase your sweets and magazines, consider spending a bit on some traveler’s insurance, especially if you are from Wales.

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