Flying Leopard: Leading Fighter Jet In Air Show Crash

The Chinese Flying Leopard

The Chinese Flying Leopard

Dramatic footage recorded at an air show in Pucheng county in China’s northwest Shaanxi Province was the location for devastation and upset as a Chinese air force jet crashed as members of the public watched on in horror.

The China International General Aviation Convention was the supposed to be an air display but while a fighter jet was put through its paces there was clear indication that something was not right as the jet came hurtling towards the ground.

Exploded on impact

The Chinese fighter bomber known as the ‘Flying Leopard’ landed nose first into an open field 1-mile away from any members of the public. As the plane sped towards earth uncontrollably, footage which was aired by China Central Television showed one parachute opening as the jet spluttered and exploded on impact. The pilot who landed safely away from the where the jet burst into flames suffered minor injuries.

The organisers of the air show have not been put off by the crash as they continued with the air show but they are working on finding out what went wrong with the jet and why it crashed. The ‘flying leopard’ came into service in 2004 and it has been the country’s air force and naval aviation leader, originally there was more than 100 built. But the current crash requires further investigation to for the concerned to be sure that this is just a one off.

The Chinese government is very good at protecting information they do not want the wider world to know and they rarely reveal information regarding military accidents.

Power of the internet

However, the fact that this crash took place with many of the public watching has meant that with the readily available internet fast transfer of data images of the crash have made their way quite quickly through internet and the Chinese authorities are powerless to internets power.

The engines that power that jet are two very reliable Spey Mk202 engines and investigators are finding it highly unlikely that both would have stalled at the same time, as such pilot error is being considered as the likely fault.

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