Fighter Jet: Joint Fighter-17 Offered At Budget Price

Joint Fighter-17

Joint Fighter-17

Over the weekend at the Dubai Airshow 2011, the JF-17 (Joint Fighter-17) combat aircraft which has been produced in partnership by China and Pakistan made its debut in front of some of the wealthiest people in the world.  The jet is the first of its kind and compared to others in the market is being offered at a very competitive discounted price.

3 JF-17 for the price of 1 F-16

For the price of one F-16, the multirole jet fighter aircraft originally developed for the United State Air Force, you can purchase three JF-17s. What does this mean for prospective buyers? Well an amount of money in the past that would buy you one aircraft will now allow you to get your hands on a fleet of military aircraft.

The Aviation Industry, Corporation of China and Pakistan Air Forces all coordinated to bring three JF-17 Thunders to be exhibited in Dubai. Two were used for static display purposes and weapon display and one for performance, it was by no means trying to hint at how much more someone could get for their money.

The aircraft is also designated as the FC-17 Xiaolong (Fighter China-17 Fierce Dragon), it is a light-weight multi-role combat aircraft. It has very surprising combat ability in low distance interception and close attack.

A pilot from the Pakistan Air Force was singing the praises of the new machine saying: “I think is an excellent aircraft with excellent handling qualities. It is very easy for the pilot to manage this aircraft in combat, because of its displays and controls, and its interface with the pilot which is very modern and latest in the world.”

1,000 aviation enterprises from more than 50 countries

The JF-17 was not the only aircraft making its debut, the latest turboprop regional aircraft MA600 produced by Aviation Industry Corporation of China was also on display at the international airshow. This is the leading international airshow in the Middle-east and the biannual airshow will come to end on Thursday after more than 1,000 aviation enterprises from more than 50 countries and regions across the world attended the airshow.

It should be the case the case that quality would come out on top compared with quality and although the JF-17 is a quality machine in its own right does it really come close to the F-16s capabilities. Sometimes things can be too good to be true, whether the JF-17 stands up against the more ’expensive’ military aircraft will be something only time will tell.

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