Fianna Fail elect a new leader

fianna fail

fianna fail

The majority party in the Irish Republic’s coalition has announced a new leader.

Just days after PM Brian Cowen resigned his post as the leader of Fianna Fail during a long-running economic and political crisis for the Irish Republic.

The Irish party Fianna Fail – long dominant in Irish Politics – announced the election of ex-foreign Minister Michael Martin through their twitter page.

With the prospect of facing a general election in the next month, the party has slumped in the polls due to Ireland’s financial crisis, so alot of work will need to be done to reassure the public that they are up to the job.

Parliament is soon expected to pass the government’s austerity bill.

“Micheal Martin has been elected as the eighth Leader of Fianna Fail,” Fianna Fail announce the election of their new leader via Twitter.

Mr Martin, was elected just one week after launching a failed leadership challenge against former party leader Mr Cowen. A move that apparently led to the Prime Minister’s resignation from the party.

Mr Cowen – who quit as the leader of Fianna Fail on Saturday – will remain as Prime Minister until a replacement is elected.

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