Fears over liquid egg



Contaminated egg mixture may have entered the British food chain. 14 tons of the liquid egg which will be used to make products like mayonnaise and baked goods has come into the country from sources across Europe.

Whilst The European Union has assured the public that there is a very low risk to the health of humans who might consume it an investigation has been launched into the issue as public health officials attempt to find out if the how the substance made it into UK food production.

Fears over the quality of the eggs involved started when it was revealed that 3,000 tonnes poultry feed containing toxic dioxins were distributed to over 1, 000 German farms. The mistake was noticed in late December with the scale of the problem being realised this week.

The chemical dioxins are a by-product of industrial processes and are linked with above average instances of cancer and could adversely affect women during pregnancy. These chemicals were exposed to animals when the oil used to make feed were confused with those destined for bio-fuel.

The Food Standards Agency in the UK has explained that eggs from these farms were exported to Holland where they were mixed with other healthy eggs to create a pasteurised fluid that was then sent to Britain.

Members of the FSA are now in contact with the food industry to stay on top of this potential crisis. They are in agreement with the EU on the matter, stressing the minimal health risks involved in digesting the diluted dioxins. Regular updates on the medical implications will be provided by the organisation if needed.

4, 700 German farms have been closed as the country deals with the situation.

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