Fastest Car Crash: Ford Focus In 120mph Crash

120mph Ford Focus Crash

120mph Ford Focus Crash

In the world’s fastest car crash, a terrifying video reveals the moment when a Ford Focus smashes into a solid concrete wall at 120mph with the car totally annihilated post impact. The footage was recorded by Channel 5’s motoring show Fifth Gear where the car was put through a crash test at three times the standard crash test speed.


Generally, industry experts Euro NCAP (The European New Car Assessment Programme) crash vehicles at a lower speed of 40mph when they give production cars a safety rating. But in the T.V. show Fifth Gear there was need to find out what happens during a head-on collision at a speed three times that used by Euro NCAP.

What was seen was absolutely shocking since at a speed almost every family car is quite capable of reaching, the car crumbled with only parts of the rear end looking unaffected.

Crash test dummies were not used in this test due to the expense related to them and in their place mannequins were used.

In the set-up engineers from MIRA set a winch which was used to accelerate the Ford toward a wall made of thick concrete, the winch had thrust the car towards the concrete structure using 16 times the power of a Bugatti Veyron.

In a matter of 60 milliseconds, the car went from 120mph to 0mph decelerating at such a fast rate which appears immediate. The mannequins felt a forces of 400g and if humans had been in the car their lives would have been lost.


The test really highlighted the dangers which are related to high speed driving and what could happen if someone was to drive this quick on normal roads where there is uncertainty.

The footage really showed the utter destruction of a impact at a very fast speed and it should serve as a warning to anyone who wishes to speed down public roads.

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