Facebook users hatch plan to teach Government a Petrol lesson

Petrol Prices continue to rise

Petrol Prices continue to rise

Facebook users plan to use their social networking powers to replicate the success in Egypt and force the government to abandon their plans to increase tax on petrol at the beginning of April.

Over 75,000 people have already signed up to the group, and over 560,000 people have been invited so far to not buy any petrol on April 1st.

The groups theory being that if nobody buys any petrol that day, and makes sure they fill up in the days before, they will avoid the tax increase, and leave a huge hole in the governments pockets, as well as a paperwork backlog for all the extra filling up on the days around it.

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Whilst 75,000 people so far won’t have many government officials worried, groups like these have a habit of taking off.

With petrol prices tipped to rise as high as £2/litre in the not too distant future, the government’s decision to put a further 2p tax rise on the price of fuel has left many motorists fuming.

Viral ideas like this one can make a difference to government ideas, and if a large percentage of those half a million people invited to the group actually sign up, maybe Mr Cameron will sit up and take notice.

Matt Baker from BBC Ones the One Show has become the latest viral phenomenom after bluntly asking the Prime Minister at the end of an interview on the show, “how do you sleep at night?”

The video is now on YouTube and has over 500,000 views across the various versions online, and has been a huge hit.

See the video below, and join the Facebook group online, titled Petrol price slash……….make the joke on them!!!!!

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