EU Treaty: Prime Minister Says No To Treaty Change

Prime Minister David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron

The Prime Minister David Cameron has come out and vetoed EU-wide treaty changes in an attempt to resolve the eurozone crisis affects of which has engulfed Britain and other major European nations. He revealed that the changes being proposed were not in the best interests  and as such he felt no need to ‘sign up to it’.

Cameron also stated that while the decision was a tough one to make, it was the right one. However, the Prime Minister can sleep easy knowing that a poll conducted by the Mail of Sunday revealed that 62% of voters had given Cameron their support to veto the new proposed EU treaty.

Moreover, the poll also found that his decision also gave the Conservative party a boost in the opinion polls, which has placed them right next to the Labour party. Another interesting development is the fact that in many opinion polls the Liberal Democrats are right behind UKIP.

There was reaction from some high profile names in regards to the change, Boris Johnson who is the Mayor of London was in total support of Cameron say that the choice that was made was the only choice available because in any other scenario it would have meant that the UK would have suffered at the hands of a loss of national sovereignty.

On his personal twitter account Ed Miliband tweeted that the outcome of the previous nights EU summit was nothing but a sure sign of weakness from David Cameron, wondering why it was, that Cameron failed to create any sort of alliances before the summit actually happened. On a later tweet Mr Miliband went on to comment that Cameron should, in fact, be building alliances, as the UK did go into the summit without them, which led the outcome to show us we lacked influence.

Former Liberal democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell said that the outcome of the summit was “inevitable” as there were still important details of the deal that needed to be worked out. He went on to comment that the purpose of the summit was to resolve the crisis of the eurozone, and that there are people such as President Barack Obama who regard that as being significant.

“It’s important to remember that the purpose of this summit has been to resolve the crisis in the eurozone. It is also important to remember that there are people, and indeed countries, outside who regard that as being very significant, President Barack for example”

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