Estonian Band: iPads Replace Instruments

Piano app on the iPad replacing real instruments

Piano app on the iPad replacing real instruments

With the iPad becoming a hit amongst every generation of people, it was only a matter of time that it would be utilised by musicians. While some may use the new technology to put together their track before real instruments are used in the studio, an Estonian band have gone one step further and replaced their instruments for Apple’s iPad.


The band are called ‘Padman’, and they made their television debut on a local channel where they decided to use applications on their iPads instead of instruments. They are able to play a whole variety of instruments using the touch screen device, from guitars to a piano.

Out of all the band members it is more than likely that the drummer is the one who appreciates the advancement in technology the most. They said that they would usually come to a concert with large amount of musical instruments and other equipment, but the advantage of the iPad is that it can be hung around the neck.

The bonus for budding musicians is that while instruments can be quite costly, the iPad is a little cheaper in comparison. But the portability of the device means that music can be made everywhere, without burdening others to potential hits. The band also stated that the they have saved a lot of time and energy using the iPad, since there is no need to bring instruments which require sound and stage checks.

However, Padman did admit to one thing, that the iPad could not compete with the real instruments. While it is useful for drummers for example, it does not allow guitarists to create their high-level solos which is one limitation of the device.

The latest version of the iPad has just been released, but it has arrived with some issues. There have been cases of problems with the screen, the battery, wi-fi and even of overheating. It is interesting that a product which was released to such critical acclaim has come riddled with problems.

Improvement in Apple sales

Despite the problems the device has Apple have started the year on a roll. Its iPhone has seen a rise in sales from 28.1 million to 31.1 million. While sales for the iPad is expected to be around 13.8 million, which is massive improvement from the 10.1 million predicted at the start of the year.

There is no doubt that the iPhone 5 which provide the company with its biggest return, even though a new iPhone was only released last year.

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