Escaped Pigs: Animals Turn Chinese Road Into Playground

Escaped pigs in China

Escaped pigs in China

A truck which was transporting 30 pigs in China overturned, leaving the animals free roaming on the highway which they turned into a playground. Shockingly, none of the pigs sustained any injuries from the crash, and in the footage they do not look like they are in shock or suffering from the terrifying ordeal they went through.

The accident took place in China’s Sichuan Province which is located in the south west of the country, the truck overturned when it tried to avoid smashing into a car and subsequently swerved out of the way.

Hiding in pens

A few of the pigs did appear to have been terrified as they remained in their pens, not delving out into the open land that was there in front of them. However, the more adventurous chose to explore the surrounding area and forage on the Chengdu-Yaan motorway.

Catching the pigs was a fiddly ordeal, traffic police had to close the section of the road for the safety of other motorists and the curious animals. Trying to round up the animals the driver had to call his friends, it didn’t take them long for them to get the pigs into another lorry.

Pigs are not the aggressive animals, but they are strong so luckily nobody was injured in the process. Each one of the thirty pigs was accounted for and once into the new lorry they were back on their road heading for their intended destination.

The pigs, inquisitive in nature, enjoyed themselves while finding food and in the hour they were loose on the road they managed to cover it in mud.

It’s hard to imagine what the pigs were intended for or where they were going but they are bred as meat, and as such the only possible reason for these pigs to be in trucks and being transported was because they were ready for the meat market.

Most popular meat in China

Pork is the most popular meat in China, being consumed by many people quite frequently and also part of many Chinese dishes. If you are familiar with Chinese food then you will also have heard of and quite possibly experienced ‘Mu Shu Pork’, the various culinary delights that include the pork chop, even the sweet and sour pork.

The pigs were clearly very healthy and the driver, and possibly, the farmer would have been relieved that none of his commodities were damaged in the unfortunate accident.

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