Entertainment: X Factor Loses Ratings

The X Factor Is Still The Most Popular Programme

The X Factor Is Still The Most Popular Programme

Simon Cowell is reportedly “angry” that the figures for the X Factor in the UK have slipped. More people seemed to have tuned into Strictly Come Dancing, watching the X Factor only after the popular dance show finished. In addition, only 11.6 million viewers watched the programme this weekend, compared with 14 million viewers at the same time last year, when the show was in its second highest.

Tuning Out

The show on ITV had a higher overall audience than other programmes, with an average of 9.6 million compared to 9.1 million for the next biggest show, Strictly on Saturday night. The viewership was down for the second week in a row, and it was revealed that many had turned it off before Kitty Brucknell’s cover of “It’s Oh So Quiet”, with the final 15 minutes watched by only 5.5 million.

Ratings impact the amount of money a show makes, with advertisers paying more money for advertising spots on programmes with higher ratings.

Simon Cowell apparently called the UK team and “tore into them” saying that the attention to detail was not good enough with the acts not shown at their best. This may come down to the judges’ decisions, as many audience members feel more focus is being paid to creating drama by making and remaking groups, adding a judges vote, and focusing on gimmicky acts, rather than focusing on the show in general.

Remains Most Watched Programme

However, ITV claimed that the X Factor was still the most watched programme, with a spokesman saying, “The X Factor continued to be the UK’s most-watched entertainment show and ITV1 was the most popular channel across peak time.” With the numbers agreeing, this point was fairly made.

Though Simon Cowell is not known for his smile, sources have said that this has made the TV judge “angry”. Simon is currently promoting his US version of the show in Los Angeles, which has been a better success than this year’s UK version. Perhaps the drop in ratings is also impacted by the additional US X Factor being shown in the UK, with most nights of the week showing the programme. Or perhaps many people are simply not watching TV.

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