Entertainment: Lindsay Lohan Back In Court

Lindsay Lohan Could Be Back In Trouble

Lindsay Lohan Could Be Back In Trouble

Lindsay Lohan was taken back into custody and handcuffed again after a US judge revoked her probation, saying she had not met the terms. The glamorous actress had been kicked off a court-ordered community service programme at a women’s shelter after failing to turn up to nine appointments.

Negative Progress Hearing

Bail was set at $100,000, or £63,000 and was posted right away in the latest legal issue for the 25-year-old actress who had been under probation for drunk driving and theft earlier in the year. The actress attended her progress hearing to negative responses from angry superior court judge Stephanie Sautner. Ms. Lohan’s lawyer suggested that the public was crying for more punishment, unfair on Lindsay, which the judge said she did not care about.

A hearing has been set for November2 to decide if the actress will spend her 5th time in jail, called for by the city prosecutor. The judge said that she had not taken her probation terms seriously and should not “look a gift horse in the mouth”, arguing that the probation had been a gift after she had been released early from her last stint in prison.

Ms. Lohan had been released early from previous jail sentences due to overcrowding in jail. Lohan’s attorney said, “We’re dealing with someone on probation. Most people on probation don’t always do things perfectly.”

Terms of Probation Violated

With one of the appointments, the Mean Girls and Ugly Betty actress showed up and left after an hour, according to the judge. She was supposed to serve 360 hours at the Downtown Women’s Centre in April.

Lohan began to work with the American Red Cross, but the judge said this was not a part of her sentence and so would not count, asking how Ms. Lohan could have complied with her mandatory weekly counselling sessions if she was travelling in Europe between September 9 and October 5—an entire month.

The actress had previously violated probation for her 2007 drunk driving incident after fighting with an employee at the Betty Ford Centre during her rehab. The employee sued her for damages. She had been sentenced to psychological counselling and 480 hours of community service, 120 of which to be spent at the county morgue. She also served 35 days of house arrest.

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