Energy customers could save £170 a year by shopping around.



Every advice website will tell you the same thing, but now even OFGEM have got in on the act, energy customers can save money by shopping around.

OFGEM, the Uks energy regulator explained that some customers could save as much as £170 a year if they shopped around, and added that the people who were “not active in the market” were the ones who were missing out.

OFGEM announced their findings at the launch of their new online Energy Best Deal campaing, which offers advice through the Citizens Advice Bureau to people in England and Wales on how best to save money on their bills.

The scheme, which has helped 60,000 people in a face to face capacity already is also run in Scotland through Consumer Focus.

Sarah Harrison from OFGEM said, “Our latest research shows that consumers who are not active in the market are paying on average around £170 a year more than they have to.”

“Energy Best Deal is here to help the four out of five consumers who say they not taking part in the energy market to shop around to get a better deal.”

Audrey Gallacher from Consumer Focus, who have saved people money in Scotland, “With energy just one of many rising household bills, customers will be keen to save extra pounds but may not know the best way to cut their costs.”

“Switching can mean big savings, especially if a customer has never changed the energy firm they use or if they change from paying by cash, cheque or pre-pay meter to direct debit.

“Yet many customers can be bamboozled by the complex array of tariffs on offer. Extra advice from Ofgem and Citizens Advice on getting the best deal can help energy customers to guarantee they save money.

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