Edinburgh get’s inner tube map



Scotland now has its own tube map in the form of Edinburgh’s new innertube map, an interactive guide to cycle paths across the city.

A team of cycling enthusiasts around the city, from Bike Station, a bicycle recycling charity, have launched the Innertube map, which is similar to London’s tube map.

The map, which is interactive, will show pictures and incident reports from various parts of the route, and will be maintained by 10 selected volunteers.

Edinburgh has 150,000 cyclists, who use the city’s extensive cycling network which is made up of disused railways lines and park paths, as well as the usual red routes.

Mark Sydenham, who developed the idea said, “It’s a conceptual map just like the London underground map so it’s not geographical. It just represents the 70-odd kilometres that there are of Edinburgh’s completely off-road, traffic-free pathways.”

The map will also include routes through places like Haymarket, Leith, Newhaven, Crammond and Balerno.

The charity will also work closely with the Edinburgh and Lothian Green Space Trust to work out which paths need relaying and maintenance, and will help to improve facilities for cyclists.


View the map here

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