EasyJet increases credit and debit card charges



Despite an impending investigation into the excessive credit and debit card fees charged by many cheap frills airlines EasyJet have increased their charges for the second time this year.

In a move that could be seen as taking advantage of the freedom before some form of regulation is imposed the airline will now charge its customers £12.95 for a credit card booking, and £8 for a debit card.

The airline blamed the move, the second in as many months, on increased costs they have been incurring.

Debit card bookings had previously only cost £5.50 so will see a £2.50 increase while credit card bookings are up to £12.95 from £10.45.

The only customers who won’t be charged a booking fee are those who hold Visa Electron cards, although only 10% of the population have one of these.

Corporate affairs manager Andrew McConnell from the firm said, “The booking fee covers a range of activities and easyJet has experienced significant cost increases in a number of those areas.

“EasyJet is transparent about its card charges, splitting out the different costs in the booking process so that people can see the low fare for the flight and the different options for how to purchase the ticket.

“easyJet’s booking fee remains one of the cheapest across the airline industry – with other airlines charging per person per flight so that a family of four would be charged £48 rather than the £8 they would pay on easyJet – and the airline’s fares remain extremely competitive with all rivals.”

They also pointed out that EasyJet make one charge per booking, rather than RyanAir who charge per person, per flight.

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