Early morning wedding route rehearsal done and dusted

royal wedding procession rehearsal

royal wedding procession rehearsal

With an event as big is the Royal Wedding, ensuring the big day goes ahead without any hitches is a priority for all those involved.

This morning, starting at around 2am, troops gathered and readied themselves for a dry run of the carriage procession. The troops emerged from Westminster’s Wellington Barracks shortly before 5am and begin their way along the route.

Two of the royal fleet cars, Royal Royces, arrived at the abbey around 4.50am, then the action began.

All military personel were kept to strict timekeeping, giving all 1.353 participants drawn from all three services a chance to practise in their service uniforms.

Soldiers will stand guard along the route to the Cenotaph, while RAF personnel will line the road to Horse Guards Parade. Several companies of the Royal Navy will be seen at the end of the route while the Army stays on Parliament Street.

Household Cavalry soldiers also mucked in, riding their horses via a route different than the royal cars to Westminster Abbey. They then led the cars and carriages back to Buckingham Palace through the arch of Horse Guards Parade and along the Mall.

During the practice run, the Hourseguards marched in a loop down Buckingham Palace Road and along Victoria Street to the Abbey.

As a finale, on Friday, two groups of 12 military personel will line the route as Prince William and Kate leave Westminster Abbey as man and wifein their horse-drawn coach.

And it isn’t just the military who are seeing all the action. This morning’s rehearsals are just the beginning of final preparations to ensure the day runs smoothly for everyone involved.

Music rehearsal at the abbey is planned for this afternoon; a dress rehearsal for clergy and broadcasters on Thursday and a final meeting between the couple and senior clergy is due at some point in the next few days. Even the street sweepers are making extensive efforts, working for days with 100 gallons of degreaser and dozens of shovels, brooms and the like, to get the roads gleaming for Friday.

Are you expecting to be a spectator along the royal wedding route or would you rather stay at home?

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